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Have a super holiday! Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming everyone for our P2 - P7 Induction Morning on Tuesday 31st August 2021.
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Transfer Class

Transfer Test Activities


If you have started working towards the Transfer Test, this new class page has been organised for you.


We will continue to post Revision Booklets and Practice Tests here over the next few weeks.


Remember that you also have Revision Booklet 1, which was part of your class Learning Pack



Find Your Revision Booklets Here


If you use these booklets carefully, they will help you to learn some important Mathematical and Grammatical facts - learn these as you go along and before you try each activity. Keep switching between Maths and English activities and learn the revision points and facts as you go.


Read carefully - Work slowly - Learn the facts as you go along - Correct mistakes.






Find Your Practice Tests Here


The first four practice tests are now available - aim to have all four completed, marked and corrected by Friday 15th May.  The answers have also been included (but don't look until the end!).


These are all 'Multiple Choice' type tests,  but will be useful whichever test you are doing. The important things to think about at the moment are: Speed and Accuracy, so:


Can you finish on time?

Set a timer and stop when the time is up - even if you haven't finished your test. This will help you to track how your time improves.


Can you use reading skills like skimming and scanning to help with answering quickly?


Have you read texts and questions accurately? Think about what exactly you are being asked.


Have you recorded your answers accurately?


When you have finished, mark your test, check your revision booklets to help you with any questions you were not able to complete, and try to correct the mistakes.





Update regarding transfer tests registration for 20.21 tests from AQE & PPTC


AQE - Schools include: Banbridge Academy & The Royal School Armagh

Registration Update – Registration Delayed Until Thursday 14th May 2020

In the continuing uncertainty caused by Covid-19, AQE is endeavouring to provide clarity to P6 pupils and parents about the arrangements for the tests which are scheduled to take place during the next academic year. AQE’s first priority in planning for the assessments is the health and wellbeing of the pupils and staff involved.

Registration for parents of P6 children who will sit the AQE assessments in the Autumn was due to open on Wednesday 29th April 2020.  We continue to have discussions with key stakeholders to ensure that the best possible provision is made for applicants and, to facilitate these discussions,registration will now open on Thursday 14th May.

There has been no change to how registration will operate, following on from our communication at the end of last week; however there are a few things that we should perhaps clarify;

1.       Downloadable and paper versions of the registration form are not available at the moment as we have no access to the office and therefore cannot receive them by post.  However, we do intend to make these available when government restrictions are eased to allow us to facilitate both online and postal registrations.

2.       Photographs for the registration form can be taken at home by parents but should meet the basic criteria (a clear image, taken from the shoulders up, cropped to passport size and no larger than 9MB).

3.       Documentation to be uploaded (birth certificates / passports / FSM confirmation) should be scanned rather than photographed to ensure the full document is included, without anything else in the background and that the information on the document is legible.


Further details are available from 



PPTC 2020-21 Update - Schools include all the Newry Grammar Schools - The Abbey, Sacred Heart etc. 


PPTC has been working closely with its Entrance Assessment provider, GL Assessment, to find ways to best support pupils who will transfer to post-primary schools in 2021 and their parents. Discussions have centred on three main areas:


1 Delaying the Assessment Date

We are working to establish if the Entrance Assessment can be delayed from mid-November 2020. This would provide all pupils with valuable additional P7 time before being assessed.


2 Delaying and extending the Registration Period

We are looking at delaying the start date for parents to register their children to sit the Entrance Assessment from mid-May to provide more time before registration decisions need to be made. We are also looking at extending the Registration deadline from mid-September 2020 to provide additional registration time when pupils are in P7.


3 Making the Entrance Assessment as accessible as possible for pupils

We are exploring different ways to take account of the current disruption to pupils’ schooling, in order to help them achieve their full potential when sitting the Entrance Assessment.


PPTC will make specific information public through this website as soon we are in a position to do so. The “Information for Parents” section will subsequently be updated to include the full “2020-21 Registration Pack”.


Further details are available from:


Please feel free to contact  with any additional queries.  


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