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Summer term - April - June 2024
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Diary Writing

Before school closed we had been learning about diaries and how they are a record of an individual's events, feelings and experiences. I know how much you enjoyed learning about Anne Frank, reading some extracts from her diary and gaining an insight into her thoughts and feelings during the most difficult time of her life.


Your task is to start writing a diary - or continue writing in your existing one! 


You are currently having a very unique experience! As you spend more time at home try to write down what you are doing each day, how you are feeling, what you miss and what you are looking forward to. Describe what is going on in the world. Speak to your family (and friends via technology) and record their thoughts and feelings.


We all had a go at diary writing before school closed so hopefully you will remember the main features. If you forget, have a look at the image below and try to include some of these:

  • rhetorical questions
  • idioms
  • similes
  • metaphors
  • brackets


Remember how Anne Frank thought that nobody would be interested in what she had to say? I'm sure your diary will make interesting reading for someone in the years to come!





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