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Parent Teacher Interviews on Week Beginning Monday 18th October. Please remember all pupils will leave school from 1:40pm - slightly staggered. There will be no after school activities and no bus to Shandon Park.
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Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020

This week we are learning spellings with the 'n' sound.  This can be written with 'n', 'nn', 'kn' or 'gn' (the 'k' and 'g' are silent).  I've put the full list of spellings (9 spellings per night).  Everyone doesn't have to learn them all - remember some of you learn the first 5 or the first 7 words each night.  Keep using the 'Look,say, cover. write and check' method for helping you learn your spellings smiley 

Here's your Friday Test for this week. Good luck blush

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