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Best wishes for a lovely summer holiday - school returns on Thursday 29th August 9:00 - 12:00pm
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Watch the video below which reminds us of some fun facts about dinosaurs and you might even hear some new fun facts you haven't heard before! 

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Dinosaur Facts | Dinosaur Facts for Kids | Dinosaur Information | Learn about Dinosaurs Visit for more educational lessons and videos in...

If you watched the video you may have heard a very big word in fact 9! 


The word is 'palaeontologist'. This is just a very long word to describe someone who studies fossils from millions of years back to find out all sorts of interesting things. Fossils can be Bones, teeth, shells, leaf impressionsnests or footprints.

They use fossils, which are often buried in rocks, to find out certain things, like where the fossils came from, what environment the fossil was in and also what those awesome fossils can tell us about the history of the Earth. It also helps them to find out about how things that were once living are related to stuff today and if they evolved or changed over time.


They use special tools to study the fossils, to make sure that the fossils are safe and sound and don’t get damaged. From these fossils, they’re also able to create models of the things that they’ve found, so that we can see what they looked like. They study those fossils very, very carefully and it helps them to understand how Earth has changed.

Your very own Palaeontology Notebook!

This week YOU are going to be a palaeontologist and study dinosaur fossils!


Print the notebook above (if you can) and use it as your very own guide to fossils, it has so so much information about fossils that you can keep! Parents will need to read these facts as there are very tricky words in there! 

Go through this PowerPoint for a little more information about finding fossils!

Create your own EDIBLE dinosaur dig!

The UK's Best Animatronic Dinosaur Park

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