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Summer term - April - June 2024
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Monday 18th May 2020


I am so impressed with all of your hard work so far!

Keep it up and let's have another great week of learning!


Parents - Check the 'Work Packs' tab for an overview of the work for this week.


MyOn - Wow - Such fantastic work on the MyOn projects! I hope you are enjoying the books I have chosen for your projects. You have another 3 part project to complete this week. Keep up the daily reading too - we had another incredible 25 hours reading time last week!!


Spellings - I heard a whisper that your spelling folders are completed. New spelling lists are in the 'Literacy' section for this week. I have also assigned you some spelling games on the Active Learn website using these lists. There's another super website - Go there and type in your spelling list for this week. It will then create lots of games for you to play while practising your spellings! Click HERE for a little guide on how to use the website. I will add this information to our 'Online Learning' section also, to make it easier for you to find again.


Art - Remember to check out the task for this week and see all the flags from last week! I really enjoy seeing your art work each week! laugh


The World Around Us - Head over to the WAU page to find out about your Europe project. You have 3 weeks to work on this project - I would love to see some of your work when you complete it!


Literacy - Part of your Literacy work this week is to write a poem. Please send your completed poem to before Friday 22nd May. I will share the poems on the website for everyone to enjoy!


Photo Gallery - Photographs are still being added to the gallery if anyone has been working hard or having fun and wants to send them in. They certainly brighten my day! laugh


Remember - 

Speak soon,

Miss Nesbitt 



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