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Summer 5 day Good News Club - week beginning Monday 13th May 2024 - All P2 - P6 pupils will be very welcome.
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Week beginning: Monday 18th May – Friday 22nd May

I hope you are all keeping well and are enjoying practicing for the Healthy Kidz Virtual Sport’s Day. If you didn’t get signed up don’t worry you can still practice all the events. Follow the link in ‘General Resources and Activity Suggestions’ to see all the events. Staying healthy, Having fun! Thank you for your ‘Pet Pics’ it has been lovely to see you as well as your pet.

NEWCOMERS – revise all initial sounds. Continue to work on completing ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ times on an analogue clock. Continue to work on ‘Addition to 5’. See NEEWCOMERS folder in Home School Activities.


  • Weekend news/Creative writing – You may continue to write your weekly diary or try some of the creative writing ideas. A suggestion this week could be to write ‘A day in the life of a farmer’ – seeing as we are learning about The Farm this week. See Home School Activities/Literacy.
  • Capital Letters – This week I have attached work for you to complete on ‘Capital letters’. There are a few posters explaining when and how we use capital letters and also some activity pages to complete. I have also attached a link for some games from the IXL website. See Home School Activities/Literacy/Capital Letters
  • Linguistics & Spellings – (see Spelling lists and ‘Daily Phonics Suggestions’ in Home School Activities under Spellings)

APPLES - medial ‘o’ words (i.e. pot, top, box) – I have attached work for you to complete. 1.You may use the word cards and pictures to help you ‘sound out’ and ‘blend’ the words. Continue to make this as fun as you can. There is also a picture/word match activity you can play, as well as spell the word.

2.I have included some cut and stick activities for CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with medial ‘o’.

3. I have also attached a link for some games from the IXL website to do with medial ‘o’ words. You may also continue to practice ‘sounding out’ and ‘blending’ using the Powerpoint for reading CVC words.

 (Attachments – in Home School Activities/Literacy/CVC words).

PEARS – ‘ar’ sound (i.e. car, shark, hard) This week there is only one spelling variation. Again, I don’t think there is an action for this sound but I’m sure you could think of your own. Give it a go!

1.I have uploaded a poem for you to read and highlight the sound - (‘A Shark in the Park) You may do a sound/word search on the text. Once again there are lots of activities, including a word search and read and reveal, so only choose those suited to your child. Speed words also included this week.

Remember to try some of the suggested practical ideas with your phonics as well, i.e. paper square work for word building (see below). All linguistics work is in the ‘ar’ sound folder in ‘Home School Activities/Literacy’.

  • Reading – Well done to everyone who is reading on MyOn – you are doing super! If you still wish to log your child on to this online reading programme, please email myself or Mrs Morton for details. There is a link to this on ‘Online Activities’ and your child will be assigned reading books each week – click on ‘Project’s at the top of the page. You can also select your own books to read if you wish to read more. I would also suggest using OxfordOwl as listed on our suggestions for Online Resources. It is free when you sign up and has a great range of reading material at all levels.


  • APPLESAddition to 5 –  You may complete the book this week (pages 13-15). If you have not got this far do not worry, just complete what you can and what suits. Continue with ‘2+3=’ type sums. Points to remember – make two sets of objects and bring together for the total. We can also count along a number line or ‘count on’ in our heads. When completing (_ + _ = 4) type sums, set out 4 counters and split into two sets, i.e. 2+2, 3+1 or 4+0. Record the sum. I have given you an extra activity page to complete if you wish, as well as some games from the IXL website. See Home School Activities/Maths/Addition.
  • PEARS - Subtraction – you may complete pages 31-34 in your Subtraction booklet. If you have not got this far don’t worry, do what you can and continue to try your best. The focus this week is on linking addition and subtraction facts. Try to remember your addition facts from earlier in the year to help you complete the subtraction sums. I have attached a link for some games from the IXL website. See Home School Activities/Maths/Subtraction.
    When completing 10-_=7 type sums – it sometimes helps to use a numberline. Ask child to verbalise the sum and discuss what it means, i.e. 10 take away something makes 7. Put your finger on 10, count the number of jumps back to 7 to see how many were taken away. For _-7=2 type sums remind the child that when taking away, the BIG number always has to come first. As adults we just ‘add’ the numbers to get the answer, but again try to get the child to verbalise the sum and try to understand what it means, i.e. something take away 7 leaves 2. We end up with 2 but we took away 7 so let’s ‘add’ the 7 back on to see what we started with. These can be very tricky and may take a bit of time to grasp so don’t panic if your child finds it difficult.
  • APPLES and PEARS Telling the Time (o’clock and half past times on an analogue and digital clock) – Continue to work this week on our o’clock/half past times on analogue and digital clock. Continue to move at your own pace and only move on to the digital clock when you are confident telling o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock! I have attached a link for some time games from the IXL website. See Home School Activities/Maths/Time. is a super site for practical games on time as well as extra activity sheets.
    Teaching points to remember:
    ANALOGUE clock – when the BIG hand points to the 12 – we say ‘O’CLOCK’
                               When the BIG hand points to the 6 – we say ‘HALF PAST’
    DIGITAL clock – when it is ‘O’CLOCK’ we write 00    i.e. 6:00 for 6 o’clock
                           When it is ‘HALF PAST’ we write 30   i.e. 6:30 for half past 6
  • ActiveMaths – Continue to log in and play the maths games and activities that have been assigned to you on ActiveMaths. Enjoy!


We will be continuing with our topic of ‘Animals in their Environment’. This week, we are going to look at The Farm. I know lots of you are interested in this topic and already know lots about Farming. Have a look at some of the resources I have uploaded for you and try to find out as much as you can about Farming.

What animals would you find on a farm?

What foods come from a farm?

What jobs are there to do on a farm?

What are the farmers doing at this time of the year?

You could write about it, draw pictures, take photos/videos etc.  

Remember I would love to see your work! Find attachments in Home School Activities/World Around Us.



PE – I hope you were all able to get logged on to the ‘Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day’ – let’s get active for Sport’s Day! Good luck! Remember to look at the coaching tips before you start the activities.



P2 SPELLINGS and suggested Weekly Phonic Activities in Spellings folder.

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