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Earthquakes and Volcanoes


BBC Bitesize Activity - What is a Volcano? - Watch, Read, Think, Write and Draw.


Some more WAU activities about volcanoes have been added for you, you can find everything you need here.


To help you with this work you need to visit the BBC Bitesize page on the link below and print the 'Volcanoes - What to Do' sheet.


And if you still have to finish (or start!) the National Geographic activities, work on them as well.



Volcanoes - What to Do Sheet

Volcanoes - Taking Notes




National Geographic Activity



Perhaps you have finished the first Volcanoes activity in your Learning Pack (if not, try to finish it this week). The next few parts of your WAU project on volcanoes can be found below. 


There's no rush to finish these activities and they should keep you going for 2 or 3 weeks - even longer depending on how creative you would like to be!


Each of the activities use the National Geographic Kids website; you can find the link below. Any resources you need can be downloaded from this page, or can be assessed on the National Geographic website, so there's no need to sign in or to set up an account.



Volcanoes: Activity 1 to Activity 5

Volcanoes of Ecuador

South American Countries - Blank

South American Countries - Labelled

CEOP link