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P7 pupils - please complete application online for year 8 before Thursday 22nd February. Help is available as needed from the office. It is extremely important that these applications are not late.
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Week beginning: Monday 15th June – Friday 19th June


Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. Summer is fast approaching and let’s hope the sunshine comes back. There are no set spellings this week and the work will begin to ease off from now until the end of June. Thank you for all your hard work this term – well done to you all! Continue to do what you can and keep it manageable for you and your child. Please remember if you need to contact me about anything or even to just say hello and fill me in on all the lovely things you have been doing, my email address is I have been enjoying hearing from you all throughout the term! I would also love to see some of your Sport’s day photos from this Saturday if you took part!


NEWCOMERS – continue to revise all initial sounds. Continue to work on CVC words. See new activities in NEWCOMER folder. Continue to work on ‘Addition to 5’. See NEEWCOMERS folder in Home School Activities.



  • Weekend news/Creative writing – You may continue to write your weekly diary or try some of the creative writing ideas. Another idea could be to write about your Sport’s day, if you took part in it for the Healthy Kidz Sport’s Day challenge.
  • Comprehension – This week I have attached another comprehension activity. Again, there are 4 different levels for you to choose. You may select which would best suit your child. See Home School Activities/Literacy/Reading Comprehension.
  • Linguistics & Spellings – There will be no more weekly spellings, instead I have added some revision activity pages for you to complete, covering sounds taught this year.

APPLES – Attachments will be in Home School Activities/Literacy/CVC words. I have added another I spy and read activity for you this week as well as some CVC words Read and Draw and sentence writing. Use these activities as you wish – you do not have to complete everything.

PEARS – Attachments will be in a new folder named ‘Revision 15.06.20’, found in Home School Activities/Literacy/Revision 15.06.20. I have uploaded some Phonics activity mats this week, giving an overview of different sounds and a variety of activities. Phonics activity mat 2 is more challenging – so decide which would best suit your child. Use these as you wish - you do not have to complete everything. I have also uploaded some IXL games for you.

  • Reading – There are no new reading books assigned this week but you can continue to log on and select your own books to read if you wish as well as continuing to use OxfordOwl for Online reading resources.



  • APPLES – This week you can continue to work on in the Numbers to 20 booklet – you can complete pages 11 & 12. If you have not got this far, please do not worry – work at your own pace. This involves comparing numbers within 20 – larger/smaller, largest/smallest. Continue to use the games from the IXL website previously uploaded. See Home School Activities/Maths/Numbers to 20.
  • PEARS - If you are continuing to work on at the Subtraction booklet that is perfectly fine – work at your own pace. If you have moved on to the Numbers to 20 - booklet 2 you may complete pages 26-29. This work is from now until the end of term so please work on at your own pace and don’t worry if you have not got this far. I have added some new IXL Games on counting in 10’s and number sequences to 100 (see IXL Games 3). See Home School Activities/Maths/Numbers to 20.
  • APPLES and PEARS Days of the Week - See Home School Activities/Maths/Days of the Week. This is a quick revision of recalling and recording the days of the week in the correct order. See Home School Activities/Maths/Days of the Week.
  • ActiveMaths – You may continue to log in and play the maths games and activities that have been assigned to you on ActiveMaths. Enjoy!


I hope you were all able to make a list of all the new things you learned from our topic ‘Animals in their Environment’ and were able to write 3 facts about the topic. You may continue to work your way through the WAU booklet, uploaded last week, at your own pace. Find attachments in Home School Activities/World Around Us.


PE – The Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day – I hope you all had a great Sport’s Day, for those of you taking part. Remember to send me photos of your sport’s day so I can add them to our photo gallery for others to see. Continue to stay active and have lots of fun outdoors if you can!


Arts/Crafts – As it is Father’s Day next Sunday I have uploaded some Father’s Day card ideas for you. There is also a little Father’s Day booklet if you wish to complete for your daddy. Remember, it’s important to be thankful for dads on this day but also to say ‘thank you’ to all of those people who look after you – mummy, granny, granda, aunties, uncles and lots more! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s for next Sunday!


RE – There is also a new Parables booklet uploaded. Have a look in Home School Activities/RE.

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