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Coding with PWC

In Windsor Hill we recognise the need to develop STEM subjects to help support our pupils as they will enter a world increasingly dominated by technology.


In March 2017 report from student careers app, Debut, found that almost half (46%) of all 16 year-old-plus females considered a STEM career while at school, but only 13% made it happen, and the statistics for boys are not much better.


In light of this we have been working to develop opportunities to promote STEM activities as well as engage with the business and other organisations. Whenever possible, and as it benefits our pupils, we want to be more integrated in our communities, and the world of business. In this way we believe we are establishing a secure foundation early in their lives and increasing their aspirations for future study and employment.


As part of this vision we were delighted to be chosen to participate in a ‘Hive Academy’ organised and delivered by  PwC Belfast. The programme, called ‘Hive Hackers’, introduces pupils to a variety of coding and technology skills, enabling the children to design and code their own games, so generating interest and engagement in STEM subjects.


Please see below for a flavour of the programme, which will finish in mid-December with a Parents' Assembly when the children will be able to present their learning.


More Flappy Bird Games to Follow



Other of our STEM promotion activities can bee seen elsewhere on our website including the popular Parents' Evenings, run in conjunction with Sentinus.






Coding with PwC Hive Hackers

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