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Hello everyone J 


I hope you have had a great week. Thank you again to everyone who has sent pictures of your hard work and/or photographs of all the fun you are having at home. Please feel free to send more and I will upload these to our 'Wow Wall' link. 



Literacy- Please read the ‘Literacy overview’ found in the ‘Literacy link’ for this week. Complete the spellings and sound work related to the ‘k’ sound as well as speech marks and topic writing. Also, continue to read on My On site. Let’s try and beat our class total from last week J


Numeracy- The ‘Numeracy overview’ will outline the learning outcomes for the week. There are links to assist with teaching as well as new games assigned on Active Learn. ‘Fractions’ is a great topic to talk about throughout the day such as ‘How many slices of cake are there? What fraction did you eat?!!!’ Have fun!


WAU- our final topic ‘The Seaside’ continues with a lesson on man-made and natural materials. If you have any seaside items around or outside the home, it would be very useful. If not, don’t worry!


ABL- Activities continue this week- try a boat race in your bath or paddling pool (if you have one), write a postcard to a loved one or even make a seaside collage using materials you have around the house! I would love to see some of the finished pieces.


R.E.- There is another story linked to our ‘Seaside’ topic- ‘Jesus Calming the Storm’- listen to the story and complete the activity related.


Happy learning!!!


L. Chapman


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