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Summer 5 day Good News Club - week beginning Monday 13th May 2024 - All P2 - P6 pupils will be very welcome.
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Wednesday 1st April 2020 - Work so Far


Good morning everyone and I hope you are all well.


Now that you are half way through your second week of you 'Classroom in the Cloud'! it might be a good idea to think about the work you have been able to do and some of the things you could continue to work on. Here's a summary of what you might have done so far:



1. Your Learning Pack


Check through the red folder you picked up from school and make sure everything is completed (or at least started!). Work on some Mental Maths everyday; finish the spelling booklets (word sorts, word searches and other activities); finish the maths investigations, and don't forget to write a letter or create a leaflet to explain the class trip; and finish your story about Gran or The Yellow Caravan (or whatever your own version of this activity was).



2. Hour of Code


Make sure you are up to date with the coding activities. Check our class pages to find out what you have to do, sign in to the Hour of Code website, and try some of the offline paper tasks as well.



3. WAU  - Volcanoes


Have you finished the Volcano Sequencing sheet in your Learning Pack? And have you started the Volcano project posted to our class pages? There's enough WAU work there to keep you going until after Easter.



4. AAASpellings


Keep practising your spelling with the AAASpelling website. If you can't get it to work keep practising with the 'Cover'  - 'Write' - 'Check' activity we do in school.



5. Active Maths


Have you signed into Active Learn yet? Make sure you do and complete the Maths activities assigned for you.



6. Bug Club


Your Bug Club books can be found on the Active Learn site as well. Sign in and read every day.



7. NRICH Maths Problem Solving


If you missed the Latest News story and the link to NRICH Maths Problem Solving activities, check them out by following this link.



8. PATHS Selfie Art


Don't forget the PATHS Selfie Art activity see here, here and here.



9. Road Safety Competition


Details of a Road Safety Competition can be found on our Latest News Pages, or click here.



10. New Work - Being Added Soon


In the next few days some new Maths and English work will be added to your 'Class Pages' here on the school website. You will find it by following 'Home Learning' - 'Work Packs and Activities to Print'. This will get you started on new work for next week and for the first few days after Easter. Check it out by the end of this week.




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