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We look forward to welcoming our P1 - P3 pupils back to class next week. P4 - P7 classes continue working remotely until Easter. Parents of P7 pupils now need to apply for places in post primary school for September 21. Further details are available in letters. email for support. Applications close on 16/3/21
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Renewable Energy and Housing Project

Wednesday 18th March - Introduction

We’ve spent the morning investigating wind and solar power to help us with a new renewable energy and housing project. Working with Kevin from Sentinus and Radius Housing we plan to design a small village of houses focusing on how we can be as eco friendly as possible.


And so, this morning, we have designed and built windmills and a desk fan, and in the process learned about solar panels, motors, construction techniques and some ‘technical drawing’.


See what you think below.

Windmills and Solar Panels

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