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Thank you to all pupils and parents for their support and co-operation with new routines. Check out restart page for staggered finishing times. It was great to have all our classes back learning together.
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Wow Wall!

I miss you too!

Still image for this video
Some of our wonderful work!
End of year booklet
End of year booklet
End of year booklet
End of year booklet
Great measuring
Brotherly love!
Working hard!
Exercise time
Super acrostic poem!
Super description using adjectives!
Lovely memories ❤️
Super acrostic poem!
Super recount of your visit to the beach last year
Super fact file
Great R.E
Super number work
Lovely art
Super art
Wow! absolutely fantastic lighthouse!
Lovely holiday pics from last year
Looking for lighthouses last year
We found a puffin!
Out and about in the lovely weather!
Great comprehension!
Super postcard!
Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor certificates! Super
Lovely design!
Super postcards!
Working hard at home!
Super design!
I found my name on my worksheet!!!
Super boats
All aboard!
Super letter!
Super diary entry (part 1)
Part (2)
Great rounding!
Super diary entry!
I won!!
Great adding work!
Fantastic character description! Well done!
Super home schooling!
Great diary entry!
Having fun in the sun!
Now that's what I call extra curricular activities
Super baking! (and measuring of course!)
Looks delicious!
Well done girls!
Super baking!
Looks yummy!
Yummy work!
Super WANTED poster!
Superb Three Little Pigs part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
Part 5 !!
Great work measuring using a pan balance!
Super measuring!
Great measuring!
Super recycling!
Super work measuring!
Great umbrella!
Super measuring!
Fantastic alternative story ending! (Part 1)
(part 2)
Super material investigation!
Super material investigation!
Super material investigation!
Happy Easter! Lovely colouring!
Well done! A fantastic umbrella for zebra!
What a great WANTED poster!
Home learning is great fun!
Lovely paintings!
Looks delicious!
Great creations!
Time for my close up!
Working hard!
Fantastic house 👍
Fantastic house 👍
Fantastic house 👍