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Parent Teacher Interviews on Week Beginning Monday 18th October. Please remember all pupils will leave school from 1:40pm - slightly staggered. There will be no after school activities and no bus to Shandon Park.
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Maths? Do I have any Maths this Week?


Do I have any Maths this week?


Good question!


And the answer...










So what does that mean?


There are no new Maths activities this because the main focus of work is (and you're bound to know this by now), is your new myON Project.


However there are two new Maths investigations added to the Maths section of our class pages: 'Work Packs and Activities to Print' - 'Maths Investigations'; and this week is also an opportunity to finish anything not get done (or even started).


The new investigations are in 'Week Three'.


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