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Remote learning has currently been extended by DENI until after half term in February. The closing date for digital applications to P1 for September 2021 is noon on Friday 29th January.
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This week in WAU we are going to begin to study the pyramids!


To help you investigate this, I would like you to...


Take time to check out and investigate the website below-

Then, I would like you to have a read of the power-point which I have also added below about the pyramids at Giza, and the Sphinx.

Next, using all the information you have learnt, I would then like you to make a 3D fact pyramid using the Pyramid Fact Writing Template which has been uploaded for you below. Remember to write each of the four facts in full sentences, neat handwriting and accurate punctuation too!

After that, I would really like you to try writing about the Sphinx using the template I have uploaded for you to use below. Remember write in full sentences again, neatest handwriting and super punctuation!

Can you identify the different types of pyramids also?

So, what have you learned this week in WAU about the pyramids?



Take time to complete the L section on your KWL grid.

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