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School finishes for the year to all pupils from 12 noon on Wednesday 30th June. School reports will be sent home on Friday 25th June.
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Adding 9 or 11

Before you can add 9 or 11, you must practice adding 10 and know how to do it really well! Make sure you have worked through the 'adding and subtracting 10' folder. 


Use our adding 9 'frog' strategy: 


When you see 9- think 10 and hop back 1 (which is explained in the PDFs below). 


Adding 11 strategy:


When you see 11- think 10 and hop forward 1.


We did this so well in class, so keep practicing- use your hundred square to help you! smiley 



This document has so many great ways to add 9 using the strategy above!

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