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Dear Snow!

We hope you enjoy these extracts from the 'Dear Snow' letters. We think they're Brrrrillllll!

You are like a giant Slush Puppy on the ground.

You are a blizzard on the mountains, a cold quilt over my garden.

When I'm making snowballs my hands are like ice-cream, but I don't care, it's fun!

You put an extra layer of fun on the world.

You're like a brother to me.

Brighten up Newry with glittering, fluffy, white snow.

You are as cold as iced water.

Your flakes are like white diamonds.

I hope you fall upon us and make our world sparkle.

I hope you fall this year because I like you so much.

It's like you want me to stay outside and make snowmen and snow angels.

Snow! You are a cold ice-berg.

I like the way you cover the earth with your soft blanket of freezing flakes.

It feels like a thousand stars are rolling around in my hand.

You are like a blizzard of fresh air.

It's like the wind and rain are fighting each other.

I know you are trying your best to snow.

You are like a great sheet wrapped right around the world.

You are like frozen diamonds falling from the sky, flooding people with fun.

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