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We look forward to welcoming our P1 - P3 pupils back to class on Monday 8.3.21. P4 - P7 classes continue working remotely until Easter. Parents of P7 pupils must now apply for places in post primary school for September 21. Email for support. Applications close on 16/3/21 @ 4pm
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Task 1 - Try to Complete by Tuesday 31st March



You have already begun this course and these tasks in school - try to finish them by next Tuesday (31st March).


Login to the Hour of Code website here, or by clicking on the green witch above, and then sign in using the 6 letter code on your Login cards, choose your initials and then your secret picture. You already have these cards but if your have lost it or forgotten the details let me know.


When you have done this, complete the following tasks, and I'll check in during the week to see how far each of you have come along.


Lessons 3 and 4 are all about writing sequences


Lesson 3: Maze: Sequence


Lesson 4: Artist: Sequence



Lessons 5 and 6  are all about coding with 'Loops', and you can print off Lesson 5 and try it offline


Lesson 5: Getting Loopy


Lesson 6: Maze: Loops


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