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Summer term - April - June 2024
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The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes

Some of the children in Primary 6 have been reading The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. Chapter two of the story begin with the boy Hogarth going fishing just as it was getting dark, and then... Hogarth sees the Iron Man for the very first time.

After reading this part of the story, the children worked to rewrite four of the paragraphs as a story. To help them they discussed how Ted Hughes had used poetic ideas when writing his story: they thought about how some words and phrases were repeated; some of the 'sound words'; the layout of the text; repeated letter in words, like the word CRRRAAASSSSSSH! and the rhythm of the story. And then they wrote these, we think they are brilliant, or BRRRIIILLLIIIAANNNT!

The Iron Man

One dark evening,
A very dark evening,
Hogarth was fishing,
Fishing, Fishing, Fishing.
Hogarth thought he heard something,
Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh,
He listened to the owls,
Hoo, Hoo, Hoo
And the rustle of the
Leaves, Leaves, Leaves,
Hogarth saw a pair of
Green, Green,Lights

The Iron Man

It was evening.
It was getting too dark, dark
To fish, fish, fish.
He left.
And listened to
Owls, Owls, Owls.
He was going
Home, Home, Home.
He was being
Watched, Watched, Watched.
By two green
Green eyes.
They belonged to the Iron
Man, the Iron Man.
Hogarth ran, ran, ran,
Home, Home, Home.
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