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Best wishes for a lovely summer holiday - school returns on Thursday 29th August 9:00 - 12:00pm
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A VERY happy birthday to this special girl. Have a lovely day, and thank you for sending us your birthday photograph.

Amazing art with pebbles and skittles from Nojus...such a creative boy you are!

What super scarab beetles. Very well done Ellen, Zack, Wiktoria and Thomas!

The Crawley sisters get busy baking...the buns and wheaten bread look delicious!

The Murdoch family continuing to keep busy and having lots of fun outdoors.

More amazing topic work...look at those fantastic colours!

Great shape and list poems from Nojus, Karol and Sophie.

Operation Gratitude continues...thank you to all those working so hard on the frontline.

'Operation Helpful Heart' in action...what a great helper you are.

Sentinus Colour Spinners from Nojus and Wiktoria

Our first SENTINUS inspired helicopter. Well done, Wiktoria!

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