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Summer term - April - June 2024
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Hello Primary 3 & 4.

I hope you are enjoying your time at home! I miss you all very much and hope to see you soon. I'm sure you are working hard at home to complete your Home Learning Packs and if there are any problems make sure your mummy or daddy gets in contact with me. In the meantime I would like to stay in touch using our class page.


Accelerated Reader- I am very impressed at how many of you have been reading on the new MyOn site. Please keep it up. Reading is such an important part of your learning!!


Sound work- Even though you are at home, make sure you complete a spelling test. You can even spread around your living room to complete your test, like you do in the classroom :) 


Time work- I hope you are enjoying telling the time. It can be tricky- so don't worry! Keep trying hard and you will get there!! 


WAU- we have been learning all about materials, so why don't you make a house out of materials you can find in or outside of your house (where it is safe to do so). Take a picture and get your mummy or daddy to send it to me by email! I will try to put some of them up on the class page!


P.E. Check out the daily P.E. lessons by Joe Wicks online. 


Finally, enjoy your time at home with your lovely family. Have fun baking, drawing, playing and making memories. I can't wait to hear all about it!! 


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