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Summer term - April - June 2024
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Monday, 22nd June, 2020



I hope you are all well, and enjoyed the weekend. I can't quite believe that the end of our Primary 5 has almost arrived. We have just over one week to go until the Summer holidays are here! I am quite sure you are all ready to have a well deserved break from all the hard work you have been doing whilst learning from home. Below are just a few notes for this week...


New Learning Pack-

Please look at this section on our 'Monday, 22nd June- Home Learning- Information and Activities' tab on our class page- this is where your new learning pack has been added for your final full week 9 and a few days) in P5. Please continue to work through some of the activities at your own pace each day and, where possible, get an adult to check your work.



This week we are looking at Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. All of our activities in this section are linked to this weeks literacy work. I hope you enjoy finding out about these, and making your own 'Top Trump Game'.



The final art activity has been added for P5. This weeks activity is also a Sentinus challenge. You could make whatever image you like or perhaps you could make one based on an Ancient Egyptian God or Goddess! 


Revision Booklets-

For any of my P5’s who want to keep really busy. A new tab has been added to our 'Class Pages' section called 'Summer School Catch-Up'. In this section you will find revision booklets that you might like to try in the Summer months to keep those skills sharp as you get ready for Primary 6.


Join the 'Silly Squad'-

On our home learning page I have also added a link to Ni Libraries Summer Reading Challenge where they are inviting you all to join the 'Silly Squad'. Please have a look at this from the link on our page and sign up if you are interested.


Photographs and Messages-

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me some photographs or e-mails last week again. I continue to miss your smiles, laughter and chatter! So I really love getting these updates from you and your parents. Remember to keep a check on our class photo gallery daily and keep sending your photos to me on . I look forward to hearing from some others too before the end of term…so please get in touch!


Please check back next Monday for my

final little message to you all for this year! 


Remember, KEEP CALM!

Have a great week,and take care,

laugh Mrs Magill laugh

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