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Thank you to all pupils and parents for their support and co-operation with new routines. Check out restart page for staggered finishing times. It was great to have all our classes back learning together.
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Creative Writing

Look at the picture on the left and think what might have happened. Then choose one or more of the activities that follow. 

(The writing is a little blurry so I will list the activities below the image.)

A Story - Imagine you and a friend landed on this island. How did you get there? Perhaps you were wrecked and need rescuing? Or did you got there to explore? What happened?


A poem - Imagine the beautiful or dangerous or unusual things on the island. Make a rough list of ideas and turn it into a poem. Or write a poem about how it feels to be stranded in a strange place a long way from home.


Instructions - Explain how to build a hut or how to cook food.


A rescue message - How would you get a message to a passing aeroplane or ship? What would you write or draw? (Remember that people might not understand English.)


An explorer's description - Think of all the interesting plants and animals you might see. Write an account of how you travelled around the island and describe all the things you saw.


A map - Draw a map showing all the rivers, mountains, forests, caves, etc. They all need to be given invented names.