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Reading - War Horse

In this folder you will find links to each chapter of War Horse along with activities to complete. 

Click on the link above to listen to episode two of "War Horse," by Michael Morpurgo.  In this episode, Albert finds out that Joey (the horse) has been sold by his father to Captain Nicholls to become an army horse.


  1. Write a paragraph to explain how you think Albert would have been feeling when he found out about Joey being sold.  What was Albert's only hope for the future?
  2. Write a paragraph on the following: Would you be willing to sell a pet in order to earn some money for your family during hard times?  Include reasons.

Listen to War Horse: The Western Front:  Part 3


Part A: Answer in full sentences

  1. Who was Joey’s close friend who travelled with him?
  2. Where were the horses travelling to?
  3. Who were returning from the front line?
  4. What happened to Captain Nicholls?
  5. Who carefully looked after Joey to make sure he survived the winter?


Part B: Dictionary Work

Find the meanings of the following words:

  1. Disembark
  2. Squadron
  3. Trooper
  4. Devoted
  5. Infantry


Part C

Write a short paragraph explaining what you think it would be like to be a soldier serving at the front line in France during World War 1

War Horse - Prisoners Of War - Part 4


Part A

At the beginning of this episode the two soldiers have become prisoners of war. Write a short paragraph to explain what you think this means and try your best to predict what may happen to the men and to the horses.


Part B

Captain Stewart’s opinions reveal the feelings of many soldiers who considered it pointless for both men and horses to be sent into battle against barbed wire and machine guns.

Write a short paragraph giving your opinions of whether or not animals should be used in warfare?

War Horse - Episode 5: A Brief Respite

Answer in full sentences.


  1. Whose farm has been occupied by the Germans?
  2. How does Emilie show her affection for the horses?
  3. What do you think happened to Emilie’s mother, father and brother?
  4. Why does the grandfather ask the horses to pray foe Emilie?
  5. Who gave permission for Emilie and her grandfather to keep the horses to help them work on the farm?



Write a short paragraph to try and explain what impact the War has had on the occupied French population. Think about how this War has changed their lives?


How would you have felt as a young 11 year old child living in France at this time?


Draw and colour a picture to illustrate your favourite part of this Episode you’ve just listened to.

War Horse - Episode 6: Working for The Germans


Part A

Answer in Full Sentences.

  1. Who was Friedrich?
  2. How did Emilie feel when saying goodbye to both Joey and Topthorn?
  3. Why do you think the health of the horses started to become a lot worse?
  4. How do you think the horses felt when they were taken away from Emilie?


Part B

In this episode the true horrors of war can be very clearly seen as the health of both the horses and soldiers start to deteriorate quickly.

Do some research, using a search engine like google and find out as much as you can as to what the living conditions were like in the trenches for soldiers during World War 1.


War Horse - Episode 7: The Loss of A Friend


Part A

Answer in Full Sentences.

  1. How did Joey show that Topthorn was his best and dearest friend?
  2. How do you think Joey felt at the loss of both Topthorn and Friedrich?
  3. When Joey saw the tank approach, how did he react?
  4. No-Man’s-Land is mentioned in this episode. Find out about this place and describe it in your own words.
  5. Can you predict what you think will happen next, after Joey panics and ends up in No-Man’s-Land?

Part B

Using your imagination, design a memorial plaque for Topthorn. Your plaque should reflect his contribution to the War and the ways in which he would be remembered. (Below, is an example of a memorial plaque to help give you a few ideas.)

Memorial Plaque Picture

War Horse - Episode 8: The Toss of a Coin

Part A

In this episode Joey found himself between the German and British lines. Two soldiers, one from each side risk their lives trying to get him to come over to their trenches. The soldiers speak to each other in the middle of No-Man’s-Land and explore why war and fighting can be very difficult to make sense of.

Click on this link below and watch this short video clip that tells the story of how, ‘The Christmas Truce’ broke out between the opposing armies at Ypres in Belgium on Christmas Eve in 1914.

Creative Writing

Using your imagination write a short story or a short paragraph about how you would have felt if you were a soldier here on Christmas Eve. Think about how you suddenly hear the Germans singing carols, then you nervously climb over your trench, meet the enemy, shake hands, exchange gifts and then play a game of football. How would you have felt during this time after experiencing the horrors of war?




War Horse - Episode 9: Illness and Recovery


Part A

Answer in full sentences.

  1. What was the name of the illness that had made Joey very ill?
  2. Who was the person who convinced the people in charge to save Joey?
  3. Albert’s closest friend David is killed at the end of the episode. How did he die?
  4. How did Albert react to the death of his good friend David?


Part B


In this episode it describes how ill Joey has become. In a few sentences describe why you think the soldiers spent so much time and energy trying to make him better?


 (As this question asks you to write in a little more detail, consider what this reveals about the importance of the horses to the army but also the relationship the men have with one another and with all the horses in their care.)



Complete a book review of "War Horse" including your reflections and opinions from the novel.
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