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Children's Mental Health Week February 2021

Children's Mental Health Week



We are all missing learning together in school.  While everyone, including mums and dads are working hard at home, we know that it is not the same as being together in school, but at the minute it is important we all continue to follow the 'Stay at Home' message to get rid of the Covid 19 Virus. 


Our home routines have had to change, and this can make us all feel a little sad, stressed, or a little lonely at times, as we don't have a whole class of boys and girls at home to work with. 


Children's Mental Health Week is a little chance to say that life is different.  We may all be feeling a bit out of routine, different or confused, which is fine. 

We all need to help our families at home, one good way is by showing the same "Care, Courtesy and Consideration' at home as we are encouraged to show in school.  


Below are a few ideas for our pupils and parents from CAHM Scotland to support us all with home learning and how we may be feeling at the minute.  











Children's Mental Health Week


This year's theme is 'Express Yourself' and is focused on getting children and adults to find creative ways to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions through activities like music, art, dance or photography.


For our older pupils there are some ideas of how you can express yourself from videos from the Place2Be Charity Website.  Click on the pictures below for some ideas of how to express yourself through Art, Dance 











The BBC Newsround site has Featured Children's Mental Health on its Website. Click on the picture to access some of their ideas.  







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