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Best wishes for a lovely summer holiday - school returns on Thursday 29th August 9:00 - 12:00pm
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Week beginning 15th June 2020 - Home Learning - Information and Work Activities






 smiley Hello everyone,

It will soon be our Summer holidays and I want to say well done to all of you for continuing to work so hard for me. Hope you are all still safe and well and I have some more "Home Schooling" activities for you, to work through this week. As always, keep the work manageable for you and your child and please remember that you can still keep in touch with me at to keep me up to date with what you have been doing or even just to say hello. 


                                           Sending you all lots of "distance hugs",

                                                       Love from: Mrs Moore x heart







                                                       Language and Literacy



  • Handwriting - Continue to form all letters correctly and try to write neatly on the lines - when completing writing activities - as before. 
  • Writing sentences - Continue to use capital letters and full stops to demarcate sentences and finger spaces between words. Sentences also need to make sense. (Please remember again the different levels of support required by some children for this) - as before.


  • Activities:
    • Continue to play "Sky Writer" and "Letter Formation" on "" - letter formation revision.
    • Continue to remember that sentences need to make sense. This week for our sentence work, we are thinking about holidays - Complete worksheet (1) - "What can you see at the beach"? - write sentences about what you can see in the beach picture.  
    • My Diary - continue written weekly entries - using your "useful" words on the "Learning Tree" in your diary and your knowledge of phonics to spell unknown words.
    • Independent writing - "Write A Postcard" worksheet (2) - draw a picture of somewhere you would like to go - (could be the beach, a farm, the zoo, up a mountain - anywhere at all) and write a postcard to a family member / friend about it. (*Remember again - capital letters / full stops / finger spaces etc for sentences).





  • Revision - Continue naming and sounding out all letters of the alphabet and "ch", "sh" and "th" sounds.
  • Continue to spell "CVC" - (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words.
  • *(Those children working on (group 1, 2 and 3) sounds / letters - s,a,t,p,i,n,c,e,h,k,r,m,d,g,l,o,b,u,f,j,v,w last week) - focus on (group 4) sounds / letters q,x,y,z this week - name the letters and identify the sound each letter makes. Write the letters q,x,y,z too. 






Talking and Listening:

  • Children continue to recount and talk about their own experiences e.g family events etc – using details such as who, what, where, when and why. 
  • Watch "CBeebies" "Sara And Duck's Beach Adventure" to stimulate talk about going to the seaside.
  • Use a range of vocabulary to talk about holidays - whilst none of us will be going on holiday this year, ask your child where they would like to go, if we could go anywhere in the whole world. 
  • Continue to ask and answer questions - in connection with our Summer topic.
  • Continue to listen to and join in with a range of stories, poems and rhymes on "" - "Storyteller Videos" and "Cbeebies" - "Stories" and of course those read by family members at home.
  • Talk about stories read - showing understanding.






  • As before, please continue to enjoy stories with family members at home, on the CBeebies website and continue to download eBooks and audio books from "NI libraries" and "Oxford Owl"In addition, continue reading your recommended books on "MyOn". Whilst downloading the eBooks from "Oxford Owl" and reading from the free "eBook Library" - remember (as before) to do so in this order - (Levels - "Book Band Levels" - Lilac - (picture story books) - Pink - Red - (books with simple text / words) or "Oxford Levels" - (1) - (picture story books) - (1+) - (2) - (books with simple text / words).
  • Continue to enjoy information books about our current topic "Summer".
  • Please remember to continue learning to recognise all the words enclosed in your homework folder, in your first learning pack - to build up your sight vocabulary. Continue to make sentences using your flashcards and read - practise daily.


  • Activities:
    • Talk about the title and pictures on the front cover of all books being read.
    • Continue to recognise capital letters, full stops and sentences in books.
    • Continue to identify some familiar words in the text.
    • Continue to use knowledge of phonics to sound out unfamiliar words - ("blending" sounds to read words) - "Oxford Owl" -  free "eBook Library""Read, Write, Inc" Phonics books - please continue to read these at your own pace.
    • Show understanding of all stories read.




(* enlightenedPlease continue to practise all the Literacy skills you have learned in Primary 1 on - "IXL English" - (Reception) and (Year 1) - working through all the skills at your own pace.)

Sentence Writing Worksheets








                                                       Mathematics and Numeracy


Activities shall be set out for the different aspects of Mathematics and Numeracy for this period of "Home Learning" as follows:-


Note *(As before, those children who have been completing activities in their "New Heinemann Mathematics - Numbers To 10" workbook, "All About Numbers 0 - 10" booklet and also in their classwork books - I hope that you are now confident counting, writing and recognising numbers 1 - 10. You can continue to practise writing these numbers using "Letter Formation" on "" (number formation).

Further revision work on numbers 1 - 10 can be completed this week in "Numbers 0 - 10 Revision Workbook" - *(given last week) - continue working through this at your own pace for the rest of the term.






Number / Mental Maths:

  • Continue to count, write and recognise number values 0-5 / 0-10 - lots of counting practice to 5 /10 - "IXL Maths"- (Year 1 skills - continue to stretch yourself a little more!) - "Numbers And Counting Up To 3/5/10" and "Letter Formation" on "" - "number formation". (As before - lots to do for everyone!)
  • Continue to order number values 0-5 and 5-0 / 0-10 and 10-0 - (from different starting numbers). Play "Bud's Number Garden" on "BBC Bitesize".
  • Carry out simple mental calculations - continue to identify which number comes before / after / between - using number values 0-5 / 0-10.
  • Continue to count orally 1-10 / 1-20 - during your day e.g stamping your feet, jumping etc. Play "Apple Picking" on ""
  • Add 0 / 1 to any number within 5 /10.




I hope that you now feel confident with your "Measure" knowledge. Well done! Why not assess this on "IXL Maths" - (Reception) and (Year 1) skills "Size" - "Long and Short", "Tall and Short" and "Wide and Narrow".



Measures - (Weight and Capacity):

  • Watch "BBC Bitesize" - Primary - Northern Ireland - Key Stage 1 - Maths - Measurement - "What Is Capacity?".
  • Watch the "Weight PowerPoint" and the "Capacity - Which Holds More?" PowerPoints (2) (below) and complete the given tasks on each.
  • Compare objects to understand early ideas of "measurement" - (weight and capacity) - through the use of appropriate language - "heavy" / "light" / "about the same weight as" / "full" / "empty" / "half-empty" / "nearly full" / "nearly empty" / "how many ------ to fill?".
  • Extend language to compare additional objects - "heavier" / heaviest" / "lighter" / "lightest" etc.
  • Complete "weight" and "capacity" worksheets and activities below (5) - work on at these at your own pace. 
  • Play "Happy Camel" on "" - (weight).
  • Practical work - use "non-standard" units for measuring the weight / capacity of items in your home e.g "Which is heavier - a packet of crisps or an apple? "How many cups of water does it take to fill a variety of different sized saucepans?" etc
  • Test your skills further on "IXL Maths" - (Reception) and (Year 1) "Light and Heavy" - "Holds More Or Less", "Compare Size, Weight And Capacity" and "Measure Using Objects".




Data Handling:

  • Record the number of cups each of the different items found on the page fills (- the bottle, teapot and jug) by colouring in the correct number of boxes - to create a "Block Graph".
  • Talk about your "findings" - "Which item holds most cupfuls/ least cupfuls?" etc


*(Don't forget the "Active Learn" tasks assigned to you - for further learning).

Data Handling Worksheet









                                         THE WORLD AROUND US


We shall continue work on our final Primary 1 topics  "Summer / Holidays". 


  • Activities:.
    • Talk about different types of holidays - (beach, touring caravan, camping, skiing, cruises etc). We know that whilst none of us will be going far away for our holidays this year, think about where you would like to go, if you could go anywhere in the world. Find this location / country / place - on a map / globe. Talk about how you would get to this place. 
    • Whilst not going far away on holiday, hopefully we will all be able to get to the beach sometime during our time off school. There are lots of safety things we need to remember, in relation to going to different places with our family members.
    • Watch the "Summer Safety" PowerPoint - talk about safety in the sun, safety near water and safety around other people. 
    • Complete the worksheet activity - "Pack For Sun Safety" - (cut and stick).

Summer Safety PowerPoint








                                                       All About Me - (P.D.M.U)


We are continuing to think about ourselves and our bodies.


  • Activities:
    • This week we are thinking about our senses.
    • Revision - locate and name our body parts - (eyes, nose, ears, tongue and fingers) and talk about what these all help us to do. Talk about the word "Senses".
    • Do some experiments using your senses with your family members e.g guess each flavour of a variety of crisps, guess the smells - (perfume, lemon, onion etc), go for a listening walk around your house - (inside and outside) - talk about what you can hear, get a cardboard box and put lots of items in it - blindfold someone in your family and get them to describe what they are feeling and to guess what it is.
    •  Complete the "My Senses" worksheet. Use your knowledge of sounds / phonics to spell some of the "body part" words to write on the worksheet - get a grown-up to help you too.



















                                                         ART / CRAFT


   Topic for artwork - (Summer / Holidays):-

  • Activities:
    • Cut out pictures from magazines etc and stick onto a page to make a beach collage. If you are lucky enough to have some sand or shells at your house, you could also stick these on too. Maybe you could send me some photographs of your completed pictures. I would love to see them.








                                                      PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES.


  • Remember to continue to link to the live P.E sessions with celebrity Joe Wicks and dance classes with Oti Mabuse. (See links for these from previous weeks!)
  • Why not continue to improve your dance moves by doing the "Seaside Groovy Moves Song" on "Cbeebies" again.
  • It would be lovely to see some photographs of you taking part in the "Healthy Kids Virtual Sports Day" - which took place on June 13th.




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