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Week beginning 25th May 2020 - Home Learning - Information and Work Activities - Newcomer Pupils




                                                                   Language and Literacy


  • Handwriting - Continue to write letters properly.
  • Writing sentences - tell someone in your family what you want to write and they will write this for you to copy.


  • Activities:
    • Write g,l,o letters on the worksheets (3).
    • Play "Sky Writer" and "Letter Formation" on "".
    • Writing - write 1 sentence about something you can do in windy weather - (*Remember capital letters / full stops / finger spaces). Watch and listen to the stories - "Cbeebies" - "Windy Weather" and "Blown Together" - with Nelly and Nora.




  • Activities:
    • Use sound cards in orange folders to recognise s,a,t,p,i,n,c,k,e,h,r,m,d letters / sounds - (Revision).
    • Use sound cards in orange folders to recognise g,l,o letters / sounds - practise daily.
    • Listen to "" "Phonics Songs".
    • Look for items around your home beginning with g,l,o sounds.
    • Cut out pictures of things beginning with g,l,o sounds and stick on different pages.
    • Complete g,l,o phonics worksheets (3) below.
    • Play "Phonics Bloom - (Phase 2) - "Flashcards" on ""



Talking and Listening:

  • Children talk about their experiences e.g family events.
  • Talk about different types of weather - matching and weather dice activities (2).
  • Talk about things you can do in windy weather.
  • Continue to listen to and join in with a range of stories, poems and rhymes on "" - "Storyteller Videos" and "Cbeebies" - "Stories".
  • Talk about stories read.
  • Play "Phonics Bloom - (Phase 1) - "Match Sounds" on "" to improve listening skills.




  • Continue learning all the words in your homework folder. Make sentences using these and read.
  • Please continue to enjoy stories with family members at home, on the "CBeebies" website and continue to download eBooks and audio books from "NI libraries" and "Oxford Owl". Read from the free "eBook Library" on "Oxford Owl" in this order - (Levels - "Book Band Levels" - Lilac - (picture story books) - Pink (books with simple text / words) or "Oxford Levels" - (1) - (picture story books) - (1+)  - (books with simple text / words).


(* smiley Please continue to practise all the Literacy skills you have learned in Primary 1 to date, over the next few weeks, on "IXL English" - (Reception). Work through all the 48 skills at your own pace - there is lots to do for everyone! *)


                                                                         Mathematics and Numeracy:


Continue with work in your "New Heinemann Mathematics - Numbers To 10" workbook and also in your classwork books. Please also continue to work on at your "All About Numbers 0 - 10" booklet - (given 2 weeks ago) and practise writing numbers using "Letter Formation" on "" - " formation)


 Number / Mental Maths:

  • Count 1-10 - lots of counting practice to 5 /10 "IXL Maths" - (Reception) - "Count to 5" and "Count to 10" and "CBeebies" - "Count with Peter".
  • Continue to play "Count The Yeti" on "".
  • Write numbers 1-9.          } - Number writing worksheets (2) to complete.
  • Recognise numbers 1-9. } - in "All About Numbers 0 - 10" booklet and "New Heinemann Mathematics - Numbers To 10"                                                         workbook.
  • Count and record numbers 1-9.      } - Counting worksheets (2) to complete.
  • Repeat number rhymes learned in school. (numbers 1-9).
  • "Active Learn" tasks.





Number - Addition:

  • Continue to understand the concept of "addition" - Play "Add Up With The Numberblocks" on "CBeebies"
  • Use the words "and", "add", "plus" & the "+" and "=" signs - talk about the meaning of these.
  • Complete work on the "New Heinemann Maths - Addition To 5" workbook pages 12-15 (see below).
  • Practise / test your "addition" skills on "IXL Maths" - (Reception) - "Addition Up To 5".






  • Recognising some 3D shapes - cones, cylinders, cubes, spheres and cuboids - look for 3D shapes around your home.
  • Watch "BBC Bitesize" - Northern Ireland - "Foundation Stage""Space and Shape - 3D Shapes"
  • Complete worksheet (1) - "Sorting Shapes" - name the shapes. 
  • Assess your "3D Shape" knowledge on "IXL Maths" - (Reception) "Solid Shapes".  




*(Don't forget the "Active Learn" tasks assigned to you - for further learning).





(* smiley Please look at the main class page for "World Around Us", "PDMU", "Art" and "Physical" activities for this week.) 

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