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We look forward to welcoming our P1 - P3 pupils back to class next week. P4 - P7 classes continue working remotely until Easter. Parents of P7 pupils now need to apply for places in post primary school for September 21. Further details are available in letters. email for support. Applications close on 16/3/21
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Digital Literacy - Learning to Write Instructions

How to Make a Pop-up Card


Could you explain how to make a pop-up card?


First you would have to know how to make one yourself; and that would mean reading some instructions, experimenting with the step by step process, over-coming the problems you faced, and then (and this is the really difficult part) figuring out how to explain this to someone else.


Well, P6 had a go; and we did everything we've just mentioned, and then we figured out how to present our own instructions - in pictures!


And there was lots and lots of discussion, and lots and lots of decisions to be made, and lots and lots of choices and fixing and changing... and this is how it happened (with photos below).




Pop-up Card Time-lapse

Still image for this video
How to make a pop-up card in not-very-many seconds!
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