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P6 Money Week

Primary 6 pupils enjoyed a 'Money Week' recently, when, as part of our work in the Maths curriculum, we thought about how we use money, how to spend it carefully, save, and keep to a budget. We 'shopped' in virtual supermarkets, thinking carefully about how to make good choices and spend money wisely; we learned about the wide variety of produce on offer and how prices can vary so much; we made lists of 'needs' and 'wants', and we finished the week with £45 to spend on classroom resources.

This £45 was 'real' money, earned from the school's 'Cash for Clobber' collection earlier in the year, and using a range of catalogues, the children worked in groups to choose suitable items and keep within the allotted budget. This meant drawing on all of the skills learned throughout the week, revising and reviewing choices until a final agreement was reached.

The gallery below gives an insight into this final activity.
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