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Summer term - April - June 2024
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Summer Term Overview

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Summer Term 2020 Home Learning


Dear Parent,

I hope you are all well and hope you enjoyed your time off home learning. I hope you found the previous home learning pack useful and were able to create some sort of a routine to fit the activities into your day. It has been a learning curve for us all and one which we need to take slow initially and ease our way into the work. It has taken us all some time to get used to working together at home, as I am learning from working with my own three children. This term the home learning pack for the summer term will be put online on our ‘class page’. Here you will see ‘Messages to Pupils’ from me as well as ‘Online activities’, ‘Home school Activities’ and ‘Photo Gallery’. I will continue to add to this for the beginning of each week. Newcomer children can access activities and resources from the Newcomer tab in ‘Home School Activities’. If you wish to contact me please feel free to email me via; or Mrs Morton on .


I understand this may be an overload of information but hopefully all will become clear each week as I try to outline what we plan to do/learn. Stated below are suggested weekly activities for the areas in Language and Literacy. Myself and Mrs Morton will provide new material and activities for your child to complete at home each week. All children learn at a different pace and therefore will not all be working at the same level. Please try to judge yourself which activity/activities would best suit your child’s ability level. They do not have to complete everything, only what is manageable for you and your child. I have made two groups – Apples and Pears. You may be able to judge by previous work completed by your child, homeworks/spellings etc. as to what group your child may be in. If you wish to discuss this with myself or Mrs Morton please feel free to contact us via email.


I hope this is useful.

Many thanks for your hard work at home with your children.


Mrs Jennett & Mrs Morton x




  • Handwriting practice – Children may continue to correctly form and recognise upper and lower case letters through writing and copying a sentence. This could be linked to your spellings for the week.
  • Written recount of your weekend/news or keeping a diary about your time at home could also be an idea. Creative writing - continue to write creatively. Encourage children to read over their work to check it makes sense, and ensure full stops/capital letters used correctly as well as finger spaces.
  • Continue to listen to and join in with a range of stories, poems and rhymes.
  • Dictation – call out simple sentences using words with a particular sound, i.e ‘oo’ sound (moon, tool, spoon, food). Reinforce sentence structure with finger spacing, capital letter, full stop. Call each sentence out as often as you need. Allow child to read the sentence back to you.
  • Spellings for the Summer term will be uploaded each week. Each week you could develop your independent writing further through writing sentences using your spellings. You could also continue with a weekly spelling test. Remember if you get them all correct you deserve a little treat!!
  • Reading – We have added your child to an online reading programme called ‘MyOn’. See separate letter. Please email myself or Mrs Morton on details of how to log on. There is also a link to this on ‘Online Activities’. I will assign your child reading books but you may also use this resource to select reading books for your child as often as you wish. Please continue to enjoy stories at home – reading to your child as well as hearing them read. You can download eBooks and audio books from NI Libraries and Oxford Owl.
  • APPLES - CVC work - CVC (Consonant-vowel-consonant) words – focus on medial ‘a’ words (man, hat, tag), medial ‘e’, medial ‘i’, medial ‘o’, medial ‘u’. Focus then on ‘mixed CVC’ words (with variety of medial sounds).
  • PEARS - Read and write words with the various representations of the “oo” (moon), “ay” (play), “er” (her) and “ar” (park) sounds. Linked with spellings.





Each week I will out-line the areas in Mathematics and Numeracy that are to be covered. Please remember that this is generic and all children are not working at the same level. You already have some of your child’s maths work books from before Easter – if your child had a Subtraction to 10 book they are a PEAR, if your child had numbers to 15/20 work and adding they are an APPLE. Your child may continue to use a variety of resources to help them complete their number work, including a number line, cubes/buttons/lego etc. Try to encourage independent thinking and when working out sums, for example, encourage them to ‘count on/back’ in their heads to further develop their mental maths. Each week I will explain what is to be completed in their workbooks and I will upload additional material. Our online programme ‘Active Learn’ is also available to help reinforce concepts and strategies taught in numeracy. Myself and Mrs Morton will continue to update and allocate your child some maths games/activities to complete– (username and password on their folder from before Easter). I have also set up a link to Active Maths through our class page on Online activities. 


Below are some Mental Maths strategies that could be worked on at home.

  • Count forward in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, forward and backwards from/to 0 within 50
  • Recognise/read/write numbers to 50
  • Know number before/after/between/within 50
  • Order a set of consecutive and random numbers within 50
  • Identify missing numbers in a sequence
  • Add/subtract 1,2,0 from any number within 20/50
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