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P7 pupils - please complete application online for year 8 before Thursday 22nd February. Help is available as needed from the office. It is extremely important that these applications are not late.
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This week we are going to begin to learn about a method for dividing bigger numbers'  This method is called the 'Bus Stop' method.  Begin by watching the video clip below and then take a look at the Powerpoint for some further examples.  There is also a game you can play.  Then you can have a go at completing the worksheets.  

Introduction to Bus Stop Method of Division

If you feel confident with the division sums with no remainders, you can begin to move on to look at some division where there is a remainder.  Watch the video first before trying the activities.  

Division with Remainders

The short division method, including how you can think your way to each remainder WITHOUT WRITING ANYTHING DOWN! That's right... NO subtracting here! If this...

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