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Awards and P7 leavers Assembly 2024 - Thursday 20th June @ 1:30pm. Early lunch & P1 - P3 pupils leave @ 1:00pm
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Hello again, I hope you had a restful bank holiday weekend!


Thank you again to those who have sent pictures of your work. It is great to see your learning is continuing at home! Please continue to send pictures of what you are getting up to smiley and take a look at our WOW Wall to check in with what your friends have been doing as well. 


Literacy- This week we will be concentrating on the 'ff' sound. Please use the PowerPoint presentation to introduce the sound and complete the related activities included, as well as the worksheets attached. There is a punctuation challenge for you to complete and also a diary entry for Grace Darling to connect with our topic- 'The Seaside'. Please continue to read on the My On site- our class read 141 books last weeksurprise Let's try to beat this target next week!


Numeracy- The numeracy overview will outline the learning outcomes for this week. There are also some games and activities attached to help consolidate your understanding. 


WAU- Lesson 2 of our topic will look at how a trip to the seaside has changed over the years. Use one or both PowerPoint presentations to look at the changes and discuss these with your parents. Additionally, choose an activity from the options to complete. There is a website link found in the WAU folder to play too. 


ABL-Take a look at the new activities for Activity Based Learning. I would love to see any completed activities smiley


PATHS- Continue to choose a Pupil of the Day in your home- Remember to give yourself a compliment too!


R.E. This week I have added a video clip to teach a bible lesson. This story is about Jesus meeting his disciples by the seaside. Please watch the clip and discuss with your parents. 


I hope you have a great week, if there are any problems don't hesitate to get in contact


Talk to you soon x





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