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Best wishes for a lovely summer holiday - school returns on Thursday 29th August 9:00 - 12:00pm
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Week beginning 25th May 2020 - Home Learning - Information and Work Activities





 smileyHello everyone again,

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of May and still not back together again in our classroom. Thank you everyone for continuing to work so hard and a special thank you to all the grown-ups in the family, for your teaching work. Remember to work again this week at your child's pace, do what you can manage, whilst making family time too. I know how important it is to do this, especially at this time, as I am a mummy too! Remember also that Monday 25th May is a holiday from school, so hopefully the sun will continue to shine, so that we can all enjoy more outdoor time. Continue to stay safe and well and keep in touch with me at


                                           Much love again,

                                                       Mrs Moore x. heart

                                                      Language and Literacy


  • Handwriting - Continue to form all letters correctly and try to write neatly on the lines - when completing writing activities. 
  • Writing sentences - Continue to use capital letters and full stops to demarcate sentences and finger spaces between words. Sentences also need to make sense. (Please remember again the different levels of support required by some children for this).


  • Activities:
    • Continue to play "Sky Writer" and "Letter Formation" on "" - letter formation revision.
    • Practise using capital letters at the beginning of sentences - "IXL English" - (Year 1) - skills - "Capitalisation".
    • Remember that sentences need to make sense - complete worksheets (3) - "Making Sense" and "Mixed Up Sentence" (1) and (2) worksheets.
    • My Diary - continue written weekly entries - using your "useful" words on the "Learning Tree" in your diary and your knowledge of phonics to spell unknown words.
    • Independent writing - write 2 or 3 sentences about "windy" weather - what you wear and what you can do in windy weather. (*Remember capital letters / full stops / finger spaces etc for sentences). Watch and listen to the stories - "Cbeebies" - "Windy Weather" and "Blown Together" - with Nelly and Nora.





  • Revision - Continue naming and sounding out all letters of the alphabet and "ch", "sh" and "th" sounds.
  • Spell "CVC" - (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words.
  • *(Those children working on (group 1 and 2) sounds / letters - s,a,t,p,i,n,c,e,h,k,r,m,d last week) - focus on (group 3) sounds / letters g,l,o this week - name the letters and identify the sound each letter makes. Write the letters g,l,o too. 






Talking and Listening:

  • Children continue to recount and talk about their own experiences e.g family events etc – using details such as who, what, where, when and why. 
  • Develop a range of vocabulary associated with the new "Weather / Summer" topic.
  • Continue to ask and answer questions - in connection with the new topic.
  • Talk about different types of weather - focussing this week on "windy" weather.
  • Continue to listen to and join in with a range of stories, poems and rhymes on "" - "Storyteller Videos" and "Cbeebies" - "Stories" and of course those read by family members at home.
  • Talk about stories read - showing understanding.







  • As before, please continue to enjoy stories with family members at home, on the CBeebies website and continue to download eBooks and audio books from "NI libraries" and "Oxford Owl"In addition, continue reading your recommended books on "MyOn"( A little reminder - to please email me for your child's password, to log on to this reading programme, if you have not already done so.) Whilst downloading the eBooks from "Oxford Owl" and reading from the free "eBook Library" - remember (as before) to do so in this order - (Levels - "Book Band Levels" - Lilac - (picture story books) - Pink - Red - (books with simple text / words) or "Oxford Levels" - (1) - (picture story books) - (1+) - (2) - (books with simple text / words).
  • Continue to enjoy information books about our current topic "Weather / Summer".
  • Please remember to continue learning to recognise all the words enclosed in your homework folder, in your first learning pack - to build up your sight vocabulary. Make sentences using your flashcards and read - practise daily. "IXL English" - (Year 1) - skills - "Sight Words" - "Find A Word In A Sentence" and "Choose The 2 Sight Words That Are The Same"


  • Activities:
    • Continue talking about the "parts of your book" - page, front cover, back cover, spine etc - Identify these on all books being read.
    • Continue to recognise capital letters, full stops and sentences in books.
    • Continue to identify some familiar words in the text.
    • Continue to use knowledge of phonics to sound out unfamiliar words - ("blending" sounds to read words) - "Oxford Owl" -  free "eBook Library" "Read, Write, Inc" Phonics books - please continue to read these at your own pace.
    • Continue to identify characters, settings and endings (happy / sad) in stories.




(* smiley Please continue to practise all the Literacy skills you have learned in Primary 1 to date, over the next few weeks, on "IXL English" - (Reception). Work through all the 48 skills at your own pace - there is lots to do for everyone! *)

                                              Mathematics and Numeracy

Activities shall be set out for the different aspects of Mathematics and Numeracy for this period of "Home Learning" as follows:-


Note *(As before, those children who still have some activities in their "New Heinemann Mathematics - Numbers To 10" workbook and also in their classwork books to complete, please continue to work on at these, at your own pace. When you are confident counting, writing and recognising each number, introduce yourself to the next number). Please also continue to work on at your "All About Numbers 0 - 10" booklet - (given 2 weeks ago) - over the coming weeks and practise writing numbers using "Letter Formation" on " formation).





Mental Maths:

  • Continue to count, write and recognise number values 0-5 / 0-10 - lots of counting practice to 5 /10 - "IXL Maths"- (Year 1 skills - to stretch yourself a little more) - "Numbers And Counting Up To 3/5/10" and "Letter Formation" on "" - number formation. (As before - lots to do for everyone!)
  • Continue to play "Teddy Numbers""Helicopter Rescue" and "Count The Yeti 1-10" on "". 
  • Continue to order number values 0-5 and 5-0 / 0-10 and 10-0 - (from different starting numbers).
  • Carry out simple mental calculations - continue to identify which number comes before / after / between - using number values 0-5 / 0-10.
  • Continue to count orally 1-10 / 1-20 - during your day e.g clapping your hands etc. Watch "CBeebies" - "Mysterious Land Beyond 10".
  • Add 0 / 1 to any number within 5.




I hope that your "Addition" work from last week went really well again. We are going to continue this for another week, to further progress your skills in this area of Numeracy.



Number - Addition:

  • Continue to understand the concept of "addition" - Play "Add Up With The Numberblocks" on "CBeebies"
  • Continue to use and revise the meaning of the words - "and", "add", "plus", "more", "equals" & the "+" and "=" signs.
  • Complete work in the "New Heinemann Maths - Addition To 5" workbook pages 12 -15 (see below). Continue to read the sums printed e.g 2+3=5 ("two plus three equals five") etc. 
  • "Number Stories" for 5. (Practical work) - Use pieces of Lego, buttons etc - find different ways to make 5 - record your "findings" using the horizontal layout - eg. 5 + 0 = 5, 4 + 1 = 5 and 3 + 2 = 5 etc
  • Complete "Number Bonds To 5" - worksheets (2).
  • *Those children who find working with number values up to 10 difficult, can also complete the NHM "Addition To 5" workbook pages (8 - 11) as they only include number values up to 5.
  • Continue to practise / test your "addition" skills on "IXL Maths" - (Reception) "Addition Up To 5" and "Addition Up To 10" and on "" - "Addition To 10", "Robot Addition" and "Museum Of Ten".





  • Recognising some 3D shapes - cones, cylinders, cubes, spheres and cuboids - look for 3D shapes around your home.
  • Watch "BBC Bitesize"  - Northern Ireland - "Foundation Stage""Space and Shape - 3D Shapes"
  • Complete worksheet (1) - "Sorting Shapes" - name the shapes. 
  • Assess your "3D Shape" knowledge on "IXL Maths" - (Reception) "Solid Shapes". 



*(Don't forget the "Active Learn" tasks assigned to you - for further learning).

                                                 THE WORLD AROUND US

We shall continue work on our final primary 1 topics "Weather / Summer". 


  • Activities:
    • Continue to talk about different types of weather - focus on "windy" weather.
    • Learn more about different types of weather by watching the videos / animations from the UK Met Office (on YouTube). See "Topmarks" - "Learn About Weather" and click on one of the YouTube videos - focusing on "windy weather". (There are lots to choose from!)
    • Continue to roll the "Weather Dice" and identify the weather symbol shown.
    • Record daily weather this week, using the given "weather recording" chart and weather symbols. 

Weather Recording Chart and Symbols

                                         All About Me - (P.D.M.U)


We are continuing this week, to think about ourselves and our bodies.


  • Activities:
    • Last week we were thinking about our hair and how the colour and type of our hair makes us all different. This week we shall be thinking about our feet, which are all different too.
    • Ask a grown up to paint your bare feet and place them on a piece of paper to make your footprints. You could then paint other family members' feet and compare them to yours. Think about who has the biggest / smallest feet? (This will tickle - but have fun!!)

                                                                   ART / CRAFT



  Topic for artwork (Weather / Summer):-

  • Activities:
    • Make a kite using "junk materials".
    • Don't forget to paint your feet to make your footprints.

                                                  PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES.


  • Remember to continue to link to the live P.E sessions with celebrity Joe Wicks and dance classes with Oti Mabuse. (See links for these from previous weeks!)
  • Why not improve your dance moves further by learning the "The Club Dance" (step by step)  on "Cbeebies".
  • Don't forget also to practise your skills in the following areas:-

    Sprint                     Long Jump                           High Jump                          Egg and Spoon Race                      Superstrong Challenge


    Wellyboot Toss                     Marathon Challenge                  Create Your Own Obstacle Race

        for the "Healthy Kids Virtual Sports Day" on June 13th.

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