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Check the calendar for the dates of sports days, school trips etc. June is a busy month in Windsor Hill - Lots to do and lots of fun for every one!
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March Homework Diary

Wednesday 14th March

Tonight is a learning night. Learn names and features of 3D shapes, lines and angles for a test tomorrow.

Finish learning spellings in your wordsort. Spelling test tomorrow.

Tuesday 13th March
WALT: Write instructions to programme 'Beebot'.


Ues the commands FD - Forward, BK - Back, RT - Right, LT - Left to write instructions to help 'Beebot' follow a path. Use the numbers you have been given as the pathway and use squared paper to help you think how many squares to travel and how many turns to make.

Spellings - Continue with this weeks wordsort.

Monday 12th March
WALT: Revise facts about 3d Shapes.


Use the 3D fact sheet you have been given to learn the names, the diagrams and the nets of 3D shapes. You will have a test at the end of the week.

Newry Local Study

Can you match the old and new shop and job names?


Revise the 'l' sound, or begin work on the 'tion' sound.

Thursday 8th March
WALT: Create various prisms from nets


Use the nets you have been given to make a triangular prism, a cubiod, a pentagonal prism and an hexagonal prism.

Finish learning this week's spelling.

Wednesday 7th March
WALT: Describe the features of various 3D Shapes


Use the 3D pictures you have to create some 'Shape Fact Cards' and include information about 'faces', 'edges' and 'vertices'. Think about how you can make the information accurate, clear and interesting to read. You can draw your cards, or design them on the computer.

Novels should be finished by tomorrow and complete the spelling wordsort and revision tonight.

Tuesday 6th March
WALT: Recognise different types of words in sentences and know what jobs they do.


Using your independent reading novel, write 15 sentences and highlight one word in each. To show that you know what kind of word it is, write 'noun', 'verb', 'adjective' or 'adverb' after the sentence.

Make sure your novel is finished for Thursday, and begin your spelling wordsort.

Remember - You can also learn more about 3-D shapes by using the BBC link below.

Monday 5th March
WALT: Recognise various 3-D Shapes.

WALT: Recognise which nets will fold into cubes.

WALT: Imagine how a net will fold.


Use the 10 nets to find out which will fold into cubes and which will not. First of all try to imagine how they will fold, and then cut each net and fold carefully to find out what happens.

You can revise the facts we have been learning about 3-D Shapes on the BBC website here.

Final few days for reading this novel.

Spellings - Begin to learn the next sound by highlighting it in the story, or revise the 'u' sound from your booklet.

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