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Cinderella Rockerfella - Costume Information

Please find below a copy of the information you received this afternoon regarding costume suggestions for our up-coming play - 'Cinderella Rockerfella'.

We trust that you will find this useful and if you have any questions or concern about costumes please do not hesitate to contact school.


Windsor Hill Primary School

Easter Performance – Cinderella Rockerfella – Suggested Costumes

Dear Parent

We hope the following suggestions for play costumes will be helpful. Please be assured that there is no need to purchase elaborate costumes and all suggestions have been made conscious of the need to keep costs to a minimum. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a costume for your child, but there is no need to. If you have any concerns about costumes please speak with your child’s class teacher. Any props shown will be purchased by school.

Chorus/Choir -                  Jeans and ‘Cinderella Rockerfella’ t-shirt. (If you decided not to purchase the ‘Cinderella Rockerfella’ t-shirt, please wear a plain coloured t-shirt.)

Cinderella –                      (1) Ragged, dull-coloured clothes e.g. old jeans and t-shirt – ripped.
                                       (2) Party dress/Ball dress.

Cinderella 2                      Party Dress/Ball dress

Ugly Sisters -                   If school provided costume is not suitable, Jeans, brightly coloured blouse/shirt, tied at waist, painted faces can be used instead. (Props of brightly coloured wigs.)

Buttons –                         Plain coloured trousers. Suit type jacket, to look smart.

Teaser -                           Brown leggings, t-shirt, face-paint. (Props - headband of ears.)#

Rocky/Rocky 2 -              Jeans, short denim/leather type jacket, white t-shirt. (Rock and Roll look)

Fairy Brigade -                 Bright leggings. Long bright t-shirt. Tu-tu and Bright welly boots – these are mostly already organised. (Props of Wings).

Fairy Godmother -            As above but with (prop of wand.)

Fairy Nasty Boots -          Black leggings, black t-shirt, own shoes. (Prop of Wings)

Nasty Kitty -                     As above with ear headband and face-paint.

Bakers -                           Apron, (Prop of chef’s hat).

Warm-up People -            Jeans, bright shirts, waistcoats. (Prop of plastic bowler hats.)

Mirror -                             Cardboard covered with foil. Hole cut for face.

Animals -                         Jeans, t-shirt of suitable colour, face-paint, (Props of ear headbands).

Limo Drivers –                  Black trousers and white shirts (Props of Chauffeur hats)

Townspeople, Manager, PR, ‘Costume’, Off-stage inspector, Town Crier Programme seller, Footman Messenger, Paparzzi , Talent Contest Acts – 
Jeans, bright tshirts/shirts,flat caps.  (Props of plastic bowler hats, top-hats, camera, bell, phone, clip-board etc.)

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