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School Nurses will be in school on Thursday 25th November to administer the 'Flu Vaccine'. Only those children with written permission will receive their vaccine.
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School Inspection Report

Dear Parent/Guardian


Following our recent inspection, we are delighted to be able to direct you to our recently published School Report which is now available on the Department of Education’s website.


The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) is responsible for carrying out all school inspections in Northern Ireland and visited our school during January 2017.


During the inspection, the ETI “observed learning and teaching, scrutinised documentation and the children’s written work and held formal and informal discussions with children, teachers and staff with specific responsibilities.”


In addition, they held “a meeting with a representative from the governors; meetings with groups of children; and (provided) the opportunity for the parents, teaching and support staff to complete a confidential questionnaire.”


The inspection team has highlighted and affirmed the high quality of teaching and learning, and leadership and management;  the caring and supportive atmosphere in school; and reported on how our school’s approach to the care and welfare of the children impacts positively on their learning.


The following extracts from the report summarise and reflect the very important contribution of everyone in our school community: pupils, parents, governors and staff, to the education and welfare of your children.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, and please take some time to visit the link above.


“The quality of planning, teaching and assessment are highly effective in meeting the learning needs of all of the children.”


“Throughout the school, there is clear evidence of the children making very good progress in all areas of their learning.”


“The children are courteous, welcoming to visitors and their behaviour is exemplary. They engage enthusiastically in their learning, are articulate, respectful to their peers and adults.”


“The children are confident, highly motivated and acquire very good leadership skills through the various roles they undertake within the School Council, as prefects and members of the Eco-Council.”


“The children display a very positive attitude to literacy and attain very good standards.”


“… the standards achieved by the children in mathematics are very good. The children engage co-operatively in an appropriately broad range of mathematical activities.”


"Throughout the school, excellent use is made of information and communication technology (ICT) to support and enrich learning across all areas of the curriculum."


“The senior leadership in the school is outstanding; the team is highly effective and provides strategic direction underpinned by a child-centred ethos and a shared vision for future school improvement.”


“there can be a high degree of confidence in the aspects of governance evaluated.”


“The governors are well informed and involved actively in all aspects of school life; they have provided effective support to the senior leadership team and exercised their challenge function. “


“The responses to the parental questionnaire indicated very high levels of satisfaction with the life and work of the school. In particular, the parents highlighted the caring, supportive atmosphere in the school and the dedicated, approachable staff.”


“Windsor Hill Primary School has a high level of capacity for sustained improvement in the interest of all the children.”

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